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“Overview of Potential US Antitrust and Public Policy Issues in the Maritime Industry Restructurings”
November 2016, Journal of Competition
Andrew J. Lee, Tyler Hong-Shik Won
2016 Year-End Estate Planning
Beth D. Tractenberg, Jasmine M. Campirides
Bid Protest Pitfall: Beware of Timeliness Rules Triggering CICA Stay
Sharon L. Larkin
November 29, 2016
FERC Declares Connecticut QF Pricing Approach Inconsistent with FERC’s PURPA Regulations
Jennifer L. Key, Richard L. Roberts
November 28, 2016
“No Poaching” Clauses in Teaming Agreements May Face Scrutiny Under New DoJ/FTC Antitrust Guidance
Michael W. Mutek, Thomas P. Barletta, Kenneth P. Ewing, Elizabeth A. Schallop Call
November 28, 2016
E-Commerce Law Week, Issue 925
November 26, 2016
Exempt Organizations Advisory - IRS Proposes Regulations Regarding Fractions Rule
Suzanne Ross McDowell, Catherine W. Wilkinson
November 22, 2016
Estate of Braden Ex. Rel Gabaldon v. State and Statutory Construction in the Arizona Supreme Court, 54 Ariz. L. Rev. 311 (2012)
Erin Norris Bass
Indemnification and Insurance for Directors and Officers, Corporate Practice Portfolio Series, Portfolio No. 54–3rd, Bloomberg BNA
John R. Casciano, Patrick F. Linehan
November 2016
Judicial Performance Review in Arizona: A Critical Assessment, 56 Ariz. L. Rev. 353 (2014)
Erin Norris Bass
Why the Internet Isn't Special: Restoring Predictability to Personal Jurisdiction, 53 Ariz. L. Rev. 1013 (2011)
Erin Norris Bass
Exempt Organizations Advisory - IRS Announces New Information Document Request Management Process for Tax-Exempt and Government Entities
Suzanne Ross McDowell, Catherine W. Wilkinson
November 21, 2016
FAA Moves to Expand Operation of Unmanned Aircraft Systems
Roy Goldberg, Carol R. Gosain, Dane Jaques, Rebecca A. Lipe
November 18, 2016
New US Subpart F Tax Regulations Address Foreign Partnerships, Active Rents, and Royalties Exception
Amanda Pedvin Varma, Brigid Kelly
November 18, 2016, MNE Tax
The Dakota Access Debate Has Been Dangerously Blown Out of Proportion
J. Bennett Johnston
November 18, 2016, The Washington Post
James Comey Has Always Believed in Doing What’s Right and Ignoring Politics
Paul K. Charlton
November 16, 2016, The Washington Post
DOD Rule Would Create Export Control Issues For Contractors
Andrew D. Irwin, Michael W. Mutek
November 15, 2016, Law360
Proposed DFARS Rule Would Provide for Proposal Price Adjustments for IR&D Investments
Michael W. Mutek, Thomas P. Barletta
November 15, 2016
Proposed Regs Modify Device and Active Trade or Business Analysis
Mark J. Silverman, Andrew F. Gordon
November 15, 2016, Tax Notes