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On the Intelligence Authorization Bill
Markham Cho Erickson
July 31, 2015, Steptoe Cyberblog
Exempt Organizations Advisory - July 29, 2015: Federal Court Holds Citizens United Must Give Donor List to NY Attorney General

Cuba’s State Sponsor of Terrorism Designation Rescinded, Senate Contemplates Lifting Travel Ban
Meredith Rathbone, John London, Edward Krauland, Jack Hayes, and Alex Baj
July 29, 2015
Broker Ruled Safe from Claim for Injuries Suffered at Baseball Game
Insurance Law Advisory, Issue 144
John O'Connor, Jason D. Sanders
July 27, 2015
E-Commerce Law Week, Issue 861
July 25, 2015
"DOL ESOP Enforcement Actions Focus on Private Company Valuations," Benefits Law Journal
Joni Andrioff
July 24, 2015
Exempt Organizations Advisory - July 24, 2015: Political Activities and Audit Selection: Recent Developments

Demystifying Solvency II Equivalence Decisions
Guy Soussan
July 24, 2015, Insurance Day
The Future of Qualified Plan Determination Letters: Glimpses From the IRS
Edward Thomas Veal, Joni Andrioff
July 24, 2015
Exempt Organizations Advisory - July 23, 2015: GAO Finds Audit Selection Procedures for Exempt Organizations Lacking

The Difficult Access to the European Market
Jean Russotto
July 23, 2015
Iran Sanctions: Complications and Opportunities
Guy Soussan, Jack R. Hayes
July 22, 2015, Insurance Daily
Federal Court Refuses to “Revolutionize” New York Insurance Law and Rejects Insured’s Argument That Routine Enforcement of Insurance Policy Consent Provisions Under New York Law Should be Abandoned
Insurance Law Advisory, Issue 143
John R. Casciano, Nina S. Thanawala
July 21, 2015
Historic Accord to Contain Iran’s Nuclear Program: Significant but Complex Sanctions Relief
Ed Krauland, Anthony Rapa, Bibek Pandey, Jack Hayes, Stephen Heifetz, Meredith Rathbone, Alexis Early, Andy Irwin, Richard Battaglia, Maury Shenk, Jeffrey Cottle, Helen Aldridge, and Guy Soussan
July 20, 2015
E-Commerce Law Week, Issue 860
July 18, 2015
Senate Finance Committee Working Group Reports Take Baby Steps Toward Comprehensive Tax Reform
Lisa M. Zarlenga, Jason Abel, Leslie A. Belcher
July 16, 2015
E-Commerce Law Week, Issue 859
July 11, 2015
Treasury, PBGC Begin to Wrestle with Multiemployer Pension Plan Reforms
Edward R. Mackiewicz, Edward Thomas Veal
July 10, 2015
Fourth Circuit Enforces Restrictions in Additional Insured Endorsement
Insurance Law Advisory, Issue 142
Mary ("Molly") Woodson Poag, Benjamin B. Watson
July 9, 2015