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The Government Contractor Supply Chain Toolkit
Thomas P. Barletta, Andrew D. Irwin, Paul R. Hurst, Michael W. Mutek, Michael J. Navarre, Kendall R. Enyard
After Eight Months, an Update on the Blockchain Alliance
Jason M. Weinstein, Alan Cohn
July 26, 2016, Coin Center
FINRA Proposes US Treasury Market Regulatory Reporting Framework
Micah S. Green, Matthew B. Kulkin
July 26, 2016
New BIS Enforcement Guidance Yields Useful Insight, but Few Practical Changes
Peter Jeydel, Meredith Rathbone, Ed Krauland, and Louis Rosa
July 26, 2016
Tax Procedure Outline: Audit, Appeals, and Litigation
J. Walker Johnson
July 2016
US Congress Allows Broader Use of Drones by Utilities
Carol R. Gosain
July 21, 2016
Bitcoin Has an Image Problem – It’s Time to Change That
Jason M. Weinstein, Alan Cohn
July 19, 2016, The National Law Journal
Details in Ryan’s Blueprint Indicate Shift in GOP Approach
Lisa M. Zarlenga, Cameron Arterton
July 19, 2016, The Hill
IRS Issues Proposed Regulations on Device and Active Trade or Business Under Section 355
Cameron Arterton, John Cobb, Lisa M. Zarlenga
July 18, 2016
E-Commerce Law Week, Issue 908
July 16, 2016
Pay-to-Play Rules and the Presidential Campaign
Jason Abel, Scott A. Sinder
July 15, 2016
Newly Proposed Regulations Under Section 457(f) Impact Deferred Compensation Arrangements of Tax-Exempt and Governmental Entities
Don Wellington, Joni Andrioff, Jennifer G. Krengel, Suzanne Ross McDowell, Catherine W. Wilkinson, Ellen Kohn
July 14, 2016
GSA’s New Transactional Data Reporting Rule Eliminates Existing Tracking and Disclosure Requirements
Paul R. Hurst, Fred W. Geldon, Michael W. Mutek, Thomas P. Barletta
July 13, 2016
Treating Like Cases Alike – A Tool for Quantifying Compliance Issue Severity
Matthew Herrington and Stephanie Wang
July 13, 2016, The FCPA Report
European Commission Endorses EU-US Privacy Shield
Philip Woolfson, Daniella Terruso, Maury Shenk, Yves Botteman
July 12, 2016
E-Commerce Law Week, Issue 907
July 9, 2016
Exempt Organizations Advisory - IRS Issues Temporary Regulations for Declaring Intent to Operate as a Social Welfare Organization
Suzanne Ross McDowell, Catherine W. Wilkinson
July 8, 2016
Insurance Industry Must Ensure Its Interests Are Heard in Brexit Negotiations
Philip Woolfson, Guy Soussan
July 8, 2016, Insurance Day
Arizona Department of Revenue Limits the Validity of TPT Exemption Certificates to One Year
Did It Impose a Limitation Not Required by Statute?
Pat Derdenger, Karen Jurichko Lowell
July 7, 2016