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Current Trends In Biologics-Related Inter Partes Reviews
John J. Molenda, Ph.D., Richard Praseuth
July 20, 2017, Law360
Recent Settlements Reveal the Hidden ABAC Risks and Rewards of Internal Audits
Matthew J. Herrington, Brady Cassis
July 19, 2017, The Anti-Corruption Report
The CFIUS Calculus Has Changed — In More Ways Than One
Stephen Heifetz
July 19, 2017, Law360
US Environmental Protection Agency Denies California Special Local Needs Permits for Pesticides to be Used on Cannabis
Cynthia L. Taub, Juliana M. Mann, Catherine B. Rice
July 18, 2017
Tax Court Rejects IRS Revenue Ruling 91-32 Approach to Determining ECI on Disposition of Partnership Interest
Amanda Pedvin Varma, Stanley Smilack, John Cobb
July 14, 2017
In the Wake of Kokesh v. SEC: Whither Disgorgement in FCPA Cases
Lucinda Low, Tom Best, and Jessica Megaw
July 13, 2017
Taylor Review into Modern Working Practices
Nic Hart, Katya Gevargiz
July 12, 2017
Insider Threat Gaining More Attention and Requirements
Michael W. Mutek, Michael J. Navarre
July 10, 2017
ISO Standard on Anti-Corruption Measures: The First Nine Months and Next Steps
Matthew J. Herrington, Brady Cassis
July 6, 2017, Compliance Complete
Department of Labor Issues Request for Information on Fiduciary Rule
Melanie Nussdorf, Eric G. Serron, Scott A. Sinder, Jennifer G. Krengel, Kate Jensen
July 5, 2017
Liquidity and Transparency in Natural Gas Markets
Monique Watson, Marc L. Spitzer
July 5, 2017
Kill the Open Internet, and Wave Goodbye to Consumer Choice
Jonathan B. Sallet
July 3, 2017, Wired
Arizona Industrial Commission Gives Additional Guidance on Prop. 206 Paid Sick Time Law
Steven D. Wheeless, Laura Antonuccio
June 30, 2017
2017 FCPA Mid-Year Review
Lucinda A. Low, Brittany Prelogar, Tom Best, Brigida Benitez, Pablo M. Bentes, Patrick Rappo, Evan T. Abrams, Helen Aldridge, Claire Blakey, Brady Cassis, Sara Chouraqui, Alexis J. Early, Mara C. Giorgio, Peter Ibrahim, Peter Edward Jeydel, John C. London, Jessica Piquet Megaw, Alexandra Melia, Bibek Raj Pandey, Stephanie W. Wang, Zhu (Judy) Wang, Bo Yue
June 29, 2017
Four Regulatory Questions on US Equity Market Structure
Micah S. Green, Matthew B. Kulkin
June 26, 2017, TABB Forum
UK Employment Case Law Update
Nic Hart, Katya Gevargiz
June 23, 2017
The Variable Geometry of the Swiss-EU Relationship Can No Longer Last
Jean Russotto
June 21, 2017, Le Temps
New Cuba Policy May Not Significantly Impact Many Sectors
Peter Jeydel, Brian Egan, Edward Krauland, Meredith Rathbone, Anthony Rapa, Jack Hayes
June 20, 2017
Without EU State Aid Control No EU-UK Free Trade Deal?
Simon Hirsbrunner
June 19, 2017, European State Aid Law Quarterly