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UK Employment Law Update, Summer 2014
Alison Wallace
August 29, 2014
The US Intelligence Community Law Sourcebook
Andrew Borene
August 27, 2014, American Bar Association
Decoding Article 95
Chemical Watch
Darren Abrahams, Indiana de Seze, Craig Simpson
August 2014
New York Court Rules That Defense Costs Are Included Within Reinsurance Certificates’ Limits of Liability
Insurance Coverage Advisory, Issue 105
Jon T. Neumann, Paul Janaskie
August 25, 2014
E-Commerce Law Week, Issue 816
August 23, 2014
Barko Muzzled In DC, But Attorney-Client Privilege For Internal Investigations Remains At Risk
Andrew D. Irwin, Patrick F. Linehan, Patrick Rappo, Peter L. Wellington, Sarah Rose Lamoree, Alexandra Melia
August 19, 2014
OFAC Issues Revised Guidance on Blocking Non-Listed Entities
Edward J. Krauland, Meredith Rathbone, Alexandra E.P. Baj, Jack R. Hayes, Anthony Rapa, Bibek Raj Pandey
August 19, 2014
Connecticut Federal District Court Finds Negligent Misrepresentation Claim Does Not Trigger Duty to Defend
Insurance Coverage Advisory, Issue 104
Mary ("Molly") Woodson Poag, John P. Swenson
August 18, 2014
E-Commerce Law Week, Issue 815
August 16, 2014
Federal District Court Finds No Coverage for Underlying $7 Million Legal Malpractice Claim Where Insured Made a Material Misrepresentation in its Policy Application
Insurance Coverage Advisory, Issue 103
John O'Connor, Jill C. Maguire
August 11, 2014
E-Commerce Law Week, Issue 814
August 9, 2014
Federal Trade Commission Challenges Invitations to Collude
Damon Kalt
August 8, 2014
With Ambassadors Held Up, "Acting" Officials Could Become New Norm
Robert Rizzi and Andrew Borene
August 7, 2014, The Hill
US, EU Significantly Expand Russia Sanctions with New Export Restrictions and Designations
Edward Krauland, , Meredith Rathbone, Richard Battaglia, Jeffrey Cottle, Guy Soussan, Maury Shenk, Alexandra Baj, Jack Hayes, Anthony Rapa, Bibek Pandey
August 6, 2014
CFS’ Challenge to FDA’s GRAS Program: It Is Still Time To Intervene
Dr. Mitchell Cheeseman, Mark Fitzsimmons
August 4, 2014
Complex Mediation: Key Issues and Considerations
Leah M. Quadrino
August 2014, Practical Law The Journal: Litigation
E-Commerce Law Week, Issue 813
August 2, 2014
Two-Hour Execution Needs an Independent Review
Paul K. Charlton
August 2, 2014, The Arizona Republic
'Oh, You Did Not Say That!' Liability for False or Misleading Statements under the Sherman and Lanham Acts
Edward B. Schwartz
July 2014, CPI Antitrust Chronicle