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Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces Final Rule and Guidance: Good News and Bad News
Michael W. Mutek, Thomas P. Barletta
August 26, 2016
Data Protection under Food Law: in the Aftermath of the Novel Foods Regulation
Craig Simpson
August 25, 2016, European Food and Feed Law Review
Three Key Questions About US Treasury Market Reform
Micah S. Green, Matthew B. Kulkin
August 23, 2016, TABB Forum
E-Commerce Law Week, Issue 913
August 20, 2016
Conviction for Misrepresenting Socioeconomic Status: A Cautionary Tale
Michael W. Mutek
August 19, 2016
New Spinoff Standards Proposed in IRS Regulations On Device and Active Trade or Business Under Section 355
Lisa M. Zarlenga, Cameron Arterton, John Cobb
August 18, 2016, Daily Tax Report
Court Accepts FERC’s Fraud Theory and Confirms Defendants’ Discovery Rights in City Power Marketing
Charles R. Mills, Daniel A. Mullen, Natty Brower
August 16, 2016
The Glow of Halo
Vishal C. Gupta, David L. Hecht
Federal Circuit Bar Association
August 15, 2016
E-Commerce Law Week, Issue 912
August 13, 2016
Delaware Riverkeeper v. Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection: Third Circuit Finds Federal Court Jurisdiction Over State Water Quality Certifications
David H. Coburn, Cynthia L. Taub
August 12, 2016
Court leaves cracks for 'aerial emissions' liability under CERCLA
Christopher W. Smith
August 11, 2016, Daily Journal
Exempt Organizations Advisory - CRAT Containing Sample Provisions Not Subject to 'Probability of Exhaustion Test'
Suzanne Ross McDowell, Catherine W. Wilkinson
August 9, 2016
Third Time’s a Charm: Parker-Hannifin and the Principles of Economic Continuity and Personal Liability
Laura C. Atlee
August 9, 2016
E-Commerce Law Week, Issue 911
August 6, 2016
Customer Due Diligence Guidance by FinCEN for Certain Financial Institutions
Jack Hayes, Stephen Heifetz, Ed Krauland, and Alexis Early
August 4, 2016
FERC Increases Civil Penalties for Oil Pipeline Operators
Steven H. Brose, Charles R. Mills, Daniel A. Mullen, Daniel J. Poynor, Steven Reed
August 2, 2016
The Consequences of Brexit for UK and UK-Domiciled Foreign Banks
Simon Hirsbrunner, Daniella Terruso, and Algirdas Semeta
August 1, 2016
Taxation of Financial Institutions
J. Walker Johnson
July 2016
E-Commerce Law Week, Issue 910
July 30, 2016