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Waive Goodbye: How Trump Might Attack the Iran Deal
Anthony Rapa
February 17, 2017, Law360
2016 FCPA Year in Review
Lucinda A. Low, Tom Best, Brittany Prelogar, Richard J. Battaglia, Brigida Benitez, Pablo M. Bentes, Jeffrey W. Cottle, Matthew J. Herrington, Susan Munro, Patrick Rappo, Richard K. Wagner, Evan T. Abrams, Helen Aldridge, Brady Cassis, Sara Chouraqui, Peter Edward Jeydel, John C. London, Jessica Piquet Megaw, Alexandra Melia, Bibek Raj Pandey, Stephanie W. Wang, Timothy A. Work, Bo Yue
February 16, 2017
AG Wahl’s Opinion in Intel: Towards Clear Rules on Rebates under Article 102 TFEU?
Jean-Nicolas Maillard, Yves Botteman, Camille Keres
February 14, 2017
Executive Order Reducing Government Regulations – What Will Happen?
Michael W. Mutek, Thomas P. Barletta
February 13, 2017
National General Strike Called for on February 17
Steven D. Wheeless
February 10, 2017
Reports of FCC Overhaul are Exaggerated
Pantelis Michalopoulos, Georgios A. Leris
February 9, 2017, Daily Journal
2017 Global Cybersecurity Policy: Challenges & Highlights
The Kosciuszko Institute
Daniella Terruso
February 7, 2017
Challenge to Travel Ban: Latest Developments
Liz LaRocca and Dana Delott
February 6, 2017
Case Management Lessons Learned from the Lone Pine Controversy in the Zimmer MDL
Anthony G. Hopp, David M. Cummings
February 3, 2017, Toxic and Hazardous Substance Litigation Committee Newsletter
New US Sanctions on Iran: More of the Same, but Tensions Are Rising
Peter Jeydel, Ed Krauland, Meredith Rathbone, Anthony Rapa, and Alexis Early
February 3, 2017
Presidential Actions Affect DOL's Fiduciary Rule and Other Financial Services Regulation
Melanie Nussdorf, Eric G. Serron, Scott A. Sinder, Kate Jensen
February 3, 2017
Travel Warning Updates: Dual Nationals and Executive Order Restrictions
Liz LaRocca and Dana Delott
February 3, 2017
115th Congress and President Trump Get to Work on Top Priorities
Darryl Nirenberg, Eva Rigamonti, Cameron O'Brien
February 2017, PORAC Law Enforcement News
Differential Diagnosis and Daubert: Preventing the Misuse of Differential Etiology to Prove Causation in Toxic Tort Cases
Anthony G. Hopp, Jeremy S. Goldkind, David M. Cummings
February 1, 2017, Defense Counsel Journal
UK Gender Pay Gap Reporting: What it Means and What Employers Need to do
Nic Hart, Jay Webster, Katya Gevargiz, Alice Bowkett
February 1, 2017
An Analysis Of Wilbur Ross’s Stance On Trade Remedies
Eric C. Emerson
January 31, 2017, Law360
ASBCA Invalidates Broad Interpretation of Prime Contractor Responsibility for Management of Subcontractors
Michael W. Mutek, Thomas P. Barletta
January 31, 2017
Employer Takeaways From New Ariz. Paid Sick Leave Law
Steven D. Wheeless, Sophia Alonso
January 31, 2017, Law360
President Trump’s Immigration Executive Order: Travel Warnings
Liz LaRocca and Dana Delott
January 31, 2017