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The Government Contractor Supply Chain Toolkit
Thomas P. Barletta, Andrew D. Irwin, Paul R. Hurst, Michael W. Mutek, Michael J. Navarre, Kendall R. Enyard
TSCA Reform Moves Closer to Reality: What Will it Mean for You?
Seth Goldberg, Sara Beth Watson, Cynthia L. Taub
May 27, 2016
FAR Council Issues Rule on Basic Safeguarding of Covered Contractor Information Systems
Andrew D. Irwin, Michael W. Mutek
May 26, 2016
Exporting Internet Law Through International Trade Agreements: Recalibrating US Trade Policy in the Digital Age
Markham Cho Erickson, Sarah K. Leggin
May 25, 2016
Proposed Regulations for Foreign-Owned US LLCs Move Toward Increased Financial Transparency
Aaron P. Nocjar, Robert Rizzi, Beth D. Tractenberg, Lisa M. Zarlenga
May 23, 2016
Understanding the Wire Act: Why the Department of Justice Missed the Mark When It Overturned Fifty Years of Interpretation of the Act
Darryl Nirenberg
May 23, 2016, Gaming Law Review and Economics
E-Commerce Law Week, Issue 901
May 21, 2016
As Enactment of TSCA Reform Legislation Approaches: Overview of the Recent Compromise Provisions
Seth Goldberg, Sara Beth Watson, Cynthia L. Taub
May 20, 2016
Limited US Sanctions Relief after Historic Myanmar Elections
Peter Jeydel, Meredith Rathbone, Anthony Rapa, Ed Krauland, and Stephen Heifetz
May 19, 2016
Senator Wyden Proposes New Regime for Taxation of Derivatives
Lisa M. Zarlenga, Micah S. Green, Matthew Kulkin, Cameron Arterton
May 19, 2016
Paul Ryan: The GOP's Path Forward
Leslie A. Belcher
May 18, 2016, The Daily Caller
The Politics of Tax Returns: From the Panama Papers to the 2016 Election
Dianna M. Mullis, Robert Rizzi
May 16, 2016, Bloomberg BNA
E-Commerce Law Week, Issue 900
May 14, 2016
Preparing For Discovery And Witness Selection At The ITC
Steven E. Adkins, Matthew N. Bathon
May 13, 2016, Law360
“When Information Exchanges Among Competitors Become Illegal Agreements – Comparative Analysis from US Perspective”
Andrew J. Lee
May 2016, Journal of Competition
PRC Promulgates New Legal Interpretations for Criminal Cases Involving Bribery and Corruption
Susan Munro, Richard Wagner, and Lin Yang
May 12, 2016
Breaking Down the New Defend Trade Secrets Act
William F. Abrams, John Caracappa, Jeffrey M. Theodore
May 11, 2016
The Yates Memo and the Future of Joint Defense Agreements
Patrick F. Linehan, William L. Drake
May 9, 2016, Bloomberg BNA
E-Commerce Law Week, Issue 899
May 7, 2016