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Indiana Appellate Court Upholds Known Loss Doctrine and Finds Insured’s Self-Serving Affidavit Does Not Defeat Summary Judgment
Insurance Law Advisory, Issue 136
Mary ("Molly") Woodson Poag, Jim J. Petrila
April 17, 2015
AIA Post-Grant Proceedings: Privy in IPR: What is the Relevant Time Frame?
Harold H. Fox, Li Guo
April 15, 2015
Belgian Financial Authority Consults on Postponing Entry into Force of Pre-Contractual Disclosures and Advertising Requirements for Marketing of Retail Financial Products
Philip Woolfson, Guy Soussan
April 15, 2015
The French Competition Authority Cleans Up the Consumer Products Cartels: A New Dawn for Antitrust Enforcement in Europe?
Jean-Nicolas Maillard, Damon Kalt, Camille Keres
Spring 2015, ABA's Cartel & Joint Conduct Review
Eighth Circuit Holds That Exclusion Bars Coverage For Suit Alleging Trademark Infringement
Insurance Law Advisory, Issue 135
John R. Casciano, Jessica I. Rothschild
April 14, 2015
Green Paper for Capital Markets Union: A Mixed Bag for Insurers
Philip Woolfson and Algirdas Semeta
April 14, 2015, Insurance Day
Political Intelligence Regulation: Insights into Senator Grassley's Call for Legislation
Jason Abel, Scott Sinder
April 14, 2015
Provisional Measures in Investor-State Arbitration
Matthew Coleman, Helen Aldridge, Thomas Innes
April 14, 2015
Status and Prospects for EU Legislative and Policy Initiatives in the (Re)insurance Sector
Philip Woolfson, Guy Soussan, Daniella Terruso
April 14, 2015
Illinois Appeals Court Finds that Prior Knowledge Exclusion Bars Coverage for Malpractice Claims Arising from Drafting Error
Insurance Law Advisory, Issue 134
Jon T. Neumann, Catherine D. Cockerham
April 13, 2015
Non-party Discovery: Reducing the Risk of Cost-shifting
Evan Glassman, Jeffrey A. Novack
Spring 2015, Practical Law The Journal
E-Commerce Law Week, Issue 847
April 11, 2015
Schlumberger Settlement: Lessons Learned
Jack Hayes, Peter Jeydel, Ed Krauland, Meredith Rathbone, and Anthony Rapa
April 9, 2015
ITC Orders Early Resolution of Standing Issue in Section 337 Investigation
Steven E. Adkins, Matthew N. Bathon, Stanley Kuo, Charles F. Schill
April 8, 2015
US Policy on the Export of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS): A Detailed Look and Analysis
Jack Hayes, Bibek Pandey, Ed Krauland, Andrew Irwin, Meredith Rathbone, Anthony Rapa and Alexandra Baj
April 7, 2015
New US Sanctions Target Cyber Attacks
Jack Hayes , Andrew D. Irwin, Jessica Piquet, Edward J. Krauland, Anthony Rapa, Meredith Rathbone, Stewart Baker, and Michael Vatis
April 6, 2015
E-Commerce Law Week, Issue 846
April 4, 2015
EU High Court Pushes Boundaries Of What Amounts To A Cartel
Yves Botteman, Laura C. Atlee
April 3, 2015, Law360
Exempt Organizations Advisory - April 2, 2015: Deductible Contributions for Slain NYPD Officers; Sports Leagues Investigated by Congress