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The Government Contractor Supply Chain Toolkit
Thomas P. Barletta, Andrew D. Irwin, Paul R. Hurst, Michael W. Mutek, Michael J. Navarre, Kendall R. Enyard
New Tax Litigation Troubles For Liquidating Trustees
Robert J. Kovacev
May 5, 2016, Law360
Canadian Supreme Court Upholds World Bank Immunities in World Bank Group v. Wallace, Encouraging a Continued Flow of Referrals to National Prosecutors
Lucinda A. Low, Jessica Piquet Megaw
May 3, 2016
Cyber-Liability Insurance and the Retroactive Date Exclusion
Stephen O'Donnell
May 3, 2016, The D&O Diary
DOJ Moves Against ValueAct: Antitrust Action Signals Caution for Minority Investors that Rely on the HSR “Investment-Only” Exemption
Damon Kalt, Cindy S. Hong
May 3, 2016
New Department of Defense Source Selection Procedures Released
Michael W. Mutek, Thomas P. Barletta, Paul R. Hurst
May 3, 2016
Presidential Transition Is Sooner Than We Think
Robert Rizzi, Jason Abel, Dianna M. Mullis
May 2, 2016, Corporate Counsel
E-Commerce Law Week, Issue 898
April 30, 2016
GAO Reminds Offerors of Timeliness Traps for the Unwary
Michael J. Navarre, Sharon L. Larkin
April 28, 2016
Securities Exchange Commission Votes to Publish Consolidated Audit Trail Plan for Public Comment
Micah S. Green, Matthew Kulkin, Grace Kim
April 27, 2016
The Calm Before the Storm: Selecting the Most Critical Witness – the Expert
Steven E. Adkins, Matthew N. Bathon, John Caracappa
April 26, 2016
E-Commerce Law Week, Issue 897
April 23, 2016
Exempt Organizations Advisory - April 21, 2016: Treasury Adopts Final Examples of Program-Related Investments

Recent Proposition 65 Actions on BPA Affecting Canned and Bottled Beverages and Food
Seth Goldberg, Sara Beth Watson, Dr. Mitchell Cheeseman, Chris Amantea, Jason Levin
April 21, 2016
Sorry, Bankruptcy Probably Can't Help You Escape FERC
Daniel A. Mullen, Charles R. Mills, A. Hunter Hodges
April 20, 2016, Law360
Defense Industry Consolidation Concerns Noted in DoJ – FTC Joint Statement
Michael W. Mutek, Thomas P. Barletta, Kenneth P. Ewing
April 19, 2016
How Oil Pipelines Can Mitigate Shipper Bankruptcy Risks
Filiberto Agusti, Caroline H.B. Gaudet, Steven Reed
April 19, 2016, Law360
E-Commerce Law Week, Issue 896
April 16, 2016
Caveat Settlor: Insurance Coverage Settlements and the Triumph of Policy Language Over Precedent
John O'Connor
2016, Albany Law Review, Volume 79 Issue 1