Petroleum Refining & Marketing

As events in the world continue to show, there is no commodity more critical to our economy and way of life than petroleum. 

Our firm represents most of the principal “majors,” as well as many smaller industry participants, in this singularly important industry.  Our representation involves “upstream” exploration and production as well as “downstream” refining and marketing activities in both regulatory and litigation contexts. 

In the regulatory arena, we represent petroleum enterprises in environmental permitting and hazardous waste, pipeline tariffs and regulation, transportation, labor, employment and OSHA, and antitrust and trade regulation matters. 

Among our firm’s principal practice areas is the defense of this industry in toxic tort litigation involving personal injury, wrongful death, birth defect, and property damage claims, all allegedly arising from exposures or releases of toxic substances related to the petroleum industry. 

We also represent the industry in a number of business law contexts, including mergers and acquisitions, development projects, taxation, intellectual property and export and trade.