Steptoe's telecommunications practice is in the forefront of the rapid evolution of new technologies, services, and investment strategies in the telecommunications industry.

Steptoe attorneys regularly represent clients developing and implementing multi-billion dollar personal wireless communications networks, innovative satellite systems, direct broadcast satellite services, and international fiber-optic cables.

Steptoe also advises clients on complicated legal and policy issues associated with spectrum allocations and government auctions. Our clients also include large and small telecom equipment manufacturers and service providers that need advice on the myriad of government regulations affecting their businesses.

Steptoe has extensive experience representing clients on domestic and international telecommunications matters. Our experience includes the following:

  • entry of foreign-owned carriers into domestic communications markets;
  • privatization of government-owned telecommunications entities;
  • international trade issues involving communications services and equipment;
  • efforts to influence regulations of telecommunications carriers and international telecommunications markets.

Steptoe attorneys are also very familiar with international regulations affecting telecom services and worldwide spectrum allocations, and have regularly been appointed as country delegates to ITU radio conferences, policy forums, and study groups.