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Private Equity

Steptoe has substantial experience in the formation, capitalization, and investing activities of private equity investment funds operating in the United States, the United Kingdom, and in many emerging markets, including Asia, Africa, Latin America, the former Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and the Middle East.

The firm has extensive experience with the full range of fund formation documents, management and advisory agreements, parallel funds, co-investment, and non-compete arrangements and related activities.

For many years, we have assisted a cross-border lender that leverages a family of independently managed private equity investment funds. Our work has embraced the formation, financing, and administration of more than a dozen such funds that have deployed billions of dollars in private equity capital around the world.

We also represent a number of domestic and foreign private equity investment funds active in infrastructure and other sectors. Our work has ranged from assisting foreign private equity investors acquire substantial operating business in the United States to advising such investors as to the purchase and sale of significant minority interests in infrastructure businesses in the power, water, telecommunications, petrochemicals, transportation and related sectors in many countries in Latin America, Asia, Europe, the United States, and elsewhere. 

Our private equity group has extensive experience in public-to-private transactions, MBOs and MBIs, and assists management teams in private equity-lead opportunities.

We advise a number of strategic equity investors who participate in the private equity business as limited partners, through parallel investment funds, and as sponsors and co-investors in regional and specially targeted investment vehicles. Our clients include multilateral and financial institutions, insurance companies, as well as charitable and other tax-exempt organizations.

Our private equity clients also include start-up and developing companies that have attracted funding from domestic and international private equity/venture investment funds. We advise these clients as to the full range of their business activities, including the negotiation of securities purchase and shareholder agreements surrounding private equity and venture capital investment, intellectual property, tax, ERISA, employment and other areas. Our portfolio company clients (including management teams) are active in aerospace, telecommunications, education, retail, software development, technology, and other sectors.