Associated Press Quotes Steptoe’s Baker on Cybersecurity Bill

February 16, 2012

The Associated Press quoted Steptoe partner Stewart Baker in an article titled "Experts urge stronger cyber regulation bill.”  The article, published on February 16, explores legislation that would limit the number of industries subject to regulation to those in which a cyberattack could cause "an extraordinary number of fatalities" or a "severe degradation" of national security.

Mr. Baker testified in a hearing on the bill February 16 before the US Senate Committee on Homeland Security & Government Affairs.  In his prepared remarks, Mr. Baker said, "So an individual infrastructure owner, such as a rural electricity provider, has no responsibility under this title if it can show that an undefended cyberattack would only cause an ordinary number of fatalities?"

Mr. Baker, a former assistant secretary at the Department of Homeland Security, said the bill takes important steps toward improving computer security, but the measure has been weakened by corporate and other interests arguing against any attempt at regulation.

The full article can be read at the Associated Press, hosted on Google.  Mr. Baker was also quoted in stories on the Senate committee hearing in and C-SPAN.