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The New York Times Features Reid Weingarten in ‘White-Collar World’

September 26, 2012

Steptoe white-collar criminal defense partner Reid Weingarten was featured in The New York Times on September 25 in a full-page article and illustration showcasing the nation’s top white-collar criminal defense lawyers.  The article, titled “White-Collar World,” states that over the past three decades, this small group of “big trouble” lawyers has repeatedly shown up on the dockets of major corporate scandals, both as government prosecutors and as defense counsel.

The illustration links pictures of the lawyers to the major scandals they have been involved in as counsel.  Mr. Weingarten is linked to six white-collar representations, the most of any lawyer featured.

  • Iran-Contra Scandal:  As an associate counsel in the Office of the Independent Counsel, Mr. Weingarten served as lead counsel in the prosecution of Major General Richard V. Secord.
  • 1980s Insider Trading Scandal:  Mr. Weingarten represented Cary Maultasch, a former senior trader and Michael Milken aide at Drexel.
  • Corporate Accounting/Dot-Com Era Scandals:  Mr. Weingarten represented former WorldCom CEO Bernard Ebbers.
  • Corporate Accounting/Dot-Com Era Scandals:  Mr. Weingarten also represented former Enron Accounting Officer Richard Causey.
  • Hedge Fund Insider Trading Scandal:  Mr. Weingarten is representing Anthony Chiasson, the co-founder of Level Global.
  • Financial Crisis Era:  Mr. Weingarten represented Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein in a government investigation related to mortgage activities.

The “White-Collar World” feature is part of a DealBook special section on Big Law.  The introductory article and graphic are available at The New York Times.