Law360 Features Stewart Baker and Michael Vatis’s Steptoe Cyberblog

September 27, 2012

Law360 featured the Steptoe Cyberblog in an article titled “Five Tips for Launching a Successful Lawyer Blog.”  The article, published on September 26, discusses blogging and social media in the legal industry and provides advice for launching a successful lawyer blog.  According to the article, nearly 45 of percent of the nation's largest law firms are opting to launch blogs as a way to reach clients.

In July, Steptoe launched a blog that touches on topics including cybersecurity and cyberwar, data breach, privacy regulation, security programs and policies, and telecom security issues involving China.  Featuring the sometimes contrasting insights from authors and Steptoe partners Stewart Baker and Michael Vatis, the Steptoe Cyberblog serves up opinionated and provocative thoughts on the issues – especially cybersecurity and privacy – that arise at the intersection of law, information technology, and security.

Mr. Vatis, who served as the founding director of the National Infrastructure Protection Center at the FBI, tells Law360 that there are many challenges to maintaining a blog, including allotting the time to post and finding new topics to write about.

The full article can be read at Law360.

To read the latest entries by Mr. Baker and Mr. Vatis, visit the Steptoe Cyberblog.  Readers may also subscribe to the blog via RSS.