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Bloomberg Quotes Stewart Baker on Failed Cybersecurity Bill

November 19, 2012

Bloomberg quoted Steptoe partner Stewart Baker, a former assistant secretary at the Department of Homeland Security, in an article titled “Cybersecurity Bill Killed, Paving Way for Executive Order.”  The article, published on November 14, discusses the recent cybersecurity legislation that was unable to pass the Senate.  The bill, which would have created voluntary cybersecurity standards for companies that operate infrastructure essential to US national security, and encouraged companies and the government to share information on cyber threats, will now likely be implemented to a certain extent through a White House executive order.

The failed legislation “hardens the lines of division, which makes it more likely we’ll see an executive order rather than an attempt to revive the legislation in the near term,” Mr. Baker says.  “The only other thing that can produce legislation is a major cybersecurity meltdown.”

The full article can be read at Bloomberg.