PilotOnline.com Quotes Michael Navarre on Military Justice Reform

June 12, 2013

PilotOnline.com quoted Steptoe special counsel Michael Navarre in an article titled “Senators, commanders debate military justice bills.”  The article, published on June 9, discusses a tense hearing in the US Senate in which military leaders and some senators clashed over proposed legislation to change the way the military handles serious crimes, including sexual assault.

According to Mr. Navarre, major amendments to the military justice process are needed, but revamping the system would not likely make victims feel safe from retribution. "That's putting in a fix that doesn't really address the problem," he says. "I think the military does have room to do it better. I am not sure if the sea change of removing all convening authorities from (military) justice cases is the answer.”

The full article can be read at Pilotonline.com.