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Politico Quotes Jim Hibey on Prosecutions in the Food Industry

October 9, 2013

Politico quoted Steptoe litigation partner Jim Hibey in an article titled, “Prosecutions Scare Food Industry.”  The article, published on October 9, discusses the increased threat of criminal prosecution against companies that violate food safety regulations and thus are responsible for foodborne illness outbreaks. The government recently indicted two farmers linked to a 2011 Listeria outbreak, and in February indicted three executives at a peanut processing plant linked to a 2009 Salmonella outbreak.

Mr. Hibey says the government is most likely trying to send a message.

“You’ve got to show the public that you’re out there doing something about the problem,” he says. “This sends a message to the public and to the victims’ families, and it’s a deterrent to those in the industry involved in similar conduct.”

The full article can be read at Politico.