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BNA Quotes Aaron Nocjar on Proposed Partnership Liabilities and Disguised Sales Rules

January 31, 2014

BNA quoted Steptoe partner Aaron Nocjar in an article titled “Proposed Rules on Disguised Partnership Sales, Liabilities ‘Sea Change,’ Attorneys Say.”  The article, published on January 29, discusses newly proposed rules on disguised sales of property to or by a partnership and on treatment of partnership liabilities.

“There's likely to be a significant debate between the Treasury, the IRS and practitioners about whether it makes sense to transition to these rules,” Mr. Nocjar says.  “The worry is that when you're planning a transaction that could be affected, you have to look down the road and structure your transaction with an eye on current rules and an eye on the proposed regulations, even with the generous transition rules.”

The full article can be read at BNA (subscription required).