Law360 Quotes Jennifer Quinn-Barabanov on Whirlpool Moldy Washer Verdict

October 31, 2014

Steptoe partner Jennifer Quinn-Barabanov was quoted in a Law360 article titled “Whirlpool Leaves ‘Price Premium’ Theory Down, But Not Out.”  The article, published on October 30, discusses a Ohio federal jury’s verdict in favor of Whirlpool in a class action lawsuit that claimed some of Whirlpool’s washer models contained a defect that could produce foul-smelling mold. 

Despite the verdict, lawyers tell Law360 the so-called price premium theory will continue to be a major front in a variety of consumer litigation.

“This is a theory that plaintiffs have been testing across a wide range of consumer products,” says Ms. Quinn-Barabanov.  “The verdict is more important than just as it relates to Whirlpool or washing machines.”

The full article can be read at Law360 (subscription required).