Law360 Quotes Jim Barnette on Toxic Substances Control Act Reform

March 13, 2015

Law360 quoted Jim Barnette in a March 12 article titled “Long-Sought Toxic Substances Reform Has Best Shot In Years.”  The article discusses how reform of the outdated Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) may finally pay off this session after years of wrangling in Congress among the chemical industry, environmentalists and health groups.  On March 10, two senators unveiled legislation designed to reform TSCA. 

Mr. Barnette tells Law360 that despite the outreach and compromise that led to the bill, some conservative Republicans might blanch at the broad new authority the law would give to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  “It’s important to remember that House Republicans and, I suspect, the Ted Cruzes in the Senate, don’t jump out of bed in the morning thinking up ways to give the EPA more authority over anything — in this case, toxic substances.  The administration is going to have to be a willing partner, and I just haven’t seen it.”

The full article can be read at Law360.