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The Recorder Quotes Bill Abrams on the Defend Trade Secrets Act

April 27, 2016

The Recorder quoted Palo Alto partner Bill Abrams in an article titled “Trade Secrets Bill Poised to Pass Congress.”  The article, published April 26, discusses the Defend Trade Secrets Act (DTSA) – a new bill that, if passed, will funnel more trade secrets litigation into federal court.  As other legislation and decisions by the US Supreme Court have narrowed the availability of patent protections, attorneys specializing in trade secret law say the DTSA will help companies in Northern California's competitive industries better defend their intellectual property.

Mr. Abrams says that being able to bring a case under a federal statute would also help companies dealing with cybertheft of trade secrets by foreign actors.  "Companies, including law firms, are worried about brute force intrusions [by hackers] based overseas.  This gives a civil weapon to be used beyond what law enforcement might do to protect yourself."

Read the full article at The Recorder (subscription required).