Legaltech News Quotes Michael Vatis on Brexit’s Impact on Tech Companies

June 24, 2016

Legaltech News quoted Michael Vatis in a June 24 article titled “Tech Companies Face Mixed Impact from Brexit Vote.”  The article discusses the impact of the United Kingdom’s planned exit from the European Union and how US-based tech companies may fare as the UK takes over responsibility from the EU for regulations on the sector.

Mr. Vatis says:  “UK regulators have generally been perceived as more pro-business—and less anti-US industry— than other regulators in the EU when it comes to applying EU Directives (and the UK laws implementing them).  The data protection directive is a good example.  So if and when the UK does actually leave the EU, US companies may reasonably expect to have a less onerous regulatory regime in the UK than in the EU.  On the other hand, the loss of the UK perspective from EU regulatory councils and working groups and the European Parliament may make those bodies even less hospitable to US tech companies.”

The full article can be read at Legaltech News (subscription required).