Coin Desk Quotes Micah Green on ‘Acting’ CFTC Chair’s Progressive Agenda

January 23, 2017

Coin Desk quoted Micah Green in a January 19 article titled “Trump’s ‘Acting’ CFTC Chair Details Vision for Blockchain Regulation.”  The article discusses Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) Commissioner Chris Giancarlo, who is expected to be named acting chair, and his progressive agenda going forward for the regulation of blockchain and distributed ledger technology.  

Mr. Green says that Mr. Giancarlo will likely increase the interaction between regulators, technologists and market professionals to help ensure what is being built is compliant from the day it goes live, but without hindering its possible applications in diverse sectors.  "I think what you hear out of Mr. Giancarlo is, 'Let's see if that can be used.'  Because it can be very efficient, from the market standpoint, it can be very cost efficient from the market standpoint, and reducing cost is very important."

The full article can be read at Coin Desk.