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Law360 Quotes Michael Vatis on Challenges for Improving Cybersecurity

February 7, 2017

Law360 quoted Steptoe New York partner Michael Vatis in a February 3 article titled “Trump Faces Tough Challenges in Bolstering Cybersecurity.”  The article discusses how President Donald Trump and members of his administration have vowed to improve cybersecurity against infrastructure attacks, data breaches and the influence of foreign governments, but a complicated regulatory and logistical landscape promises to make the task far from simple.

Mr. Vatis, who was the founding director of the FBI’s National Infrastructure Protection Center, says the administrations of presidents George W. Bush and particularly Barack Obama had a more concrete perspective on cybersecurity.  Yet, they still made “insufficient progress,” in part because most critical infrastructure is controlled not by the federal government but by private industry.  “Both Republican and Democratic administrations have been very reluctant to come at this problem through regulation.  And so they’ve resorted to voluntary measures and information sharing,” Mr. Vatis says, calling those measures inadequate in the face of “sophisticated adversaries.”

The full article can be read at Law360 (subscription required).