Bloomberg BNA Quotes Cynthia Taub on Challenges to Corps Waters Findings

February 23, 2017

Bloomberg BNA quoted Cynthia Taub throughout a February 22 article titled “Challenges to Corps Waters Findings Still a Trickle After Ruling.”  The article discusses a US Supreme Court decision last spring that gives property owners the right to sue over findings that wetlands or waters on their property may be subject to Clean Water Act protections.  So far, there has not been an increase in challenges to jurisdictional determinations made by the US Army Corps of Engineers that many expected.  A jurisdictional finding takes time to materialize, particularly the final approved version because it requires field visits to the property. 

Ms. Taub says that is not the only countervailing factor preventing what could be an uptick in challenges.  “One is that challenging a jurisdictional determination is still an expensive and time-consuming proposition.” 

The full article can be read at Bloomberg BNA (subscription required).