Legaltech News Features Steptoe’s Work for Blockchain Alliance, GBBC

March 8, 2017

Legaltech News featured Steptoe’s work with the Blockchain Alliance and the Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC) in an article titled “The Corporate Blockchain Groups Defining the Future of Legal Ops.”  The article, published March 3, examines several blockchain trade association groups that are leading the way in corporate blockchain development.

In 2015, Steptoe launched the Blockchain Alliance whose mission is to support open dialogue between the public and private sector on the future of blockchain regulation, to better address blockchain-related crime prevention, and to promote the development of blockchain solutions.

Alan Cohn, of counsel at Steptoe, tells Legaltech News the group will be able "to affirmatively shape and influence the evolution of policy with respect to how [regulatory] regimes should apply to this technology," and that there was still much unknown about how these regimes will "bend and flex to accommodate blockchain and distributed ledger technology."

More recently, Steptoe was tapped to serve as the legal services partner of the Global Blockchain Business Council, a group launched around the World Economic Forum 2017 Annual Meeting in Davos and designed to bring together the world’s leading businesses to educate on the latest innovations and advances in blockchain technology and advocate for the technology’s global adoption.

The full article can be read at Legaltech News (subscription required).