Bloomberg BNA Quotes Ruth Madrigal on Tax Plan, Impact on Charitable Giving

May 18, 2017

Bloomberg BNA quoted Ruth Madrigal throughout a May 18 article titled “House GOP Tax Plan Could Influence Charitable Giving.” The article discusses the scant details on exempt organizations in the House GOP tax reform blueprint. The article says that the tax plan proposes to lower business tax rates and raise standard deduction thresholds would still impact charitable giving.

Ms. Madrigal, former policy adviser in the Treasury’s Office of Tax Policy, says, “By touching these other things, indirectly, you reduce the value” of the charitable incentive. She adds that the standard deduction is “just going to be one big fat deduction,” but “it doesn't necessarily influence the charitable giving anymore” if everyone gets those thresholds.

The full article can be read at Bloomberg BNA (subscription required).