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Law360 Quotes Matt Herrington on Third-Party Funding Disclosure Rule

June 22, 2017

Law360 quoted Matt Herrington in a June 21 article titled “Critics Pushing Back on 3rd-Party Funding Disclosure Rule.” The article discusses why litigators, legal industry experts and financiers are reacting with skepticism to the US Chamber of Commerce's renewed push earlier this month for a change to federal civil procedure rules mandating the disclosure of third-party litigation funding arrangements, saying the organization's bid is dubiously argued, hasty and unnecessary.

Mr. Herrington says the chamber's contention that frivolous lawsuits would increase was made without any data. "From my experience working with third-party funders, considering the extensive diligence they do on cases, it is unlikely that the existence of litigation funding would increase the number of frivolous lawsuits."

The full article can be read at Law360 (subscription required).