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Luzerner Zeitung Cites Simon Hirsbrunner on Swiss-EU Relations, State Aid

July 2, 2017

Simon Hirsbrunner was quoted by the Swiss newspaper Luzerner Zeitung in an article titled “Cantons Arm Themselves Following EU Demands.” The July 2 article discusses Swiss-EU relations, in particular how Brussels has re-launched the issue of state aid in recent contacts with Switzerland. Some of the areas of contention include the state guarantees for cantonal banks, investments in energy companies or subsidies in agriculture.  The European Commission has called for Switzerland to ensure that state aid does not interfere with competition if it wants to continue to participate in the internal market. Mr. Hirsbrunner explains that such a measure would cause a “cultural shock” for Switzerland, where so far no control mechanisms for anticompetitive subsidies exist.

The full article can be read at the German-language newspaper Luzerner Zeitung.