Arizona Republic Quotes Erin Bass on Paid Sick Leave Under Prop. 206

July 14, 2017

The Arizona Republic quoted Phoenix associate Erin Bass in an article titled “Arizona’s New Sick-Leave Law: Will You Really Get More Paid Time Off?” The article, published July 8, discusses why Arizona's new paid sick-leave law will help a lot of people who never received time off for this purpose, including workers in restaurants, retail jobs and other service businesses. The new law stipulates that nearly all employees in the state — including part-time, seasonal and temporary staff — receive at least 24 hours of paid sick leave each year. People employed at businesses or non-profit groups with 15 or more workers stand to receive a minimum of 40 hours.

Ms. Bass indicates that an employer can change its existing policy for "at will" employees to provide fewer paid days off, so long as it provides the minimum amount of paid sick leave under Proposition 206, which created the new law that took effect July 1. "For employees with employment contracts, the answer will depend on what the contract says," she adds.

The full article can be read at The Arizona Republic.