Law360 Quotes Jody Cummings on Expiration of Cobell Land Buyback Program

August 7, 2017

Law360 quoted Jody Cummings in an August 4 article titled “Will DOI Have Tribes' Backs When Land Buy Program Ends?” The article discusses the Department of Interior’s (DOI) plan to sharply cut the number of tribal reservations included in the Cobell land buyback program. The Cobell program was created to settle a class action over the alleged federal mismanagement of trust accounts for leases on Native American lands.

Mr. Cummings says that the Cobell program has been "very successful thus far," as the consolidation of tribal lands it has been able to achieve is "much more efficient for making decisions about whether land might be leased or how it might be developed.”

The full article can be read at Law360 (subscription required).