Axios Quotes Tim Columbus on Harvey’s Impact on Refineries

September 1, 2017

Steptoe partner Tim Columbus was quoted in an Axios Generate column about the impact Hurricane Harvey could have on refineries. While some are comparing the storm and its impact to previous hurricanes, Mr. Columbus says Harvey’s floods are a way different beast than the winds from Katrina and Rita.

He writes this is why that matters:

"Because the amount of work and remediation required to put these plants back on line may be an order of magnitude greater. While refiners are optimistic, nobody knows what it is going to take and won't until the water recedes and they get into these units. We've never had this before. After a wind and lightning event, you clean up the yard check the machines and bring them back up. After a water event, refiners must wait for the flood to recede and then may be required to actually take units apart to clean and test them. That takes a lot more time and effort."

The full column can be read at Axios.