Atlanta Journal Constitution Quotes Michael Vatis on Equifax Breach

September 18, 2017

The Atlanta Journal Constitution quoted Michael Vatis in a September 16 article titled “Equifax Hack Reveals That Little Has Been Done to Protect Consumers.” The article discusses the massive data breach at Equifax, the Atlanta-based credit reporting firm. The breach shows the flaws in the United States cybersecurity rules and laws that often allow business to escape significant penalties for leaving sensitive consumer information at risk. Congress has done little over the past two decades to put broad standards in place for how companies with reams of personal online data, including social security numbers and credit records, should be protecting it or how swiftly consumers should be notified in the event of a breach.

Mr. Vatis says that the lack of clearly spelled-out federal law around protecting personal information and cybersecurity leaves companies guessing about standards. He adds: “The federal government and state governments have taken a largely hands-off approach. Then they come down hard on the company, and they are victimized twice, first by the hackers and then they’re made a showcase for the government.”

The full article can be read at The Atlanta Journal Constitution.