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SNL Quotes Steve Ross on Commercial Solar Projects During Solar Eclipse

September 18, 2017

SNL Global quoted Steve Ross in a September 13 article titled “PJM, CAISO Detail Load Changes During Solar Eclipse.” The article discusses the changes that occurred to grid-connected solar generating capacity during the solar eclipse. The California ISO lost about 3,500 MW of solar generating capacity and the PJM Interconnection lost 520 MW. About 23,000 MW of utility-scale solar was in the path of the eclipse.

Mr. Ross says careful planning helped avoid contractual issues with commercial solar projects during the eclipse. For power producers who had purchase obligations for commercial solar, "they often were able to curtail those resources ahead of the eclipse so they could ... have the outages more orderly staged ... [and] have their replacement resources ready to go and ramp up in parallel as the solar resources were being ramped down.”

The full article can be read at SNL (subscription required).