American Banker Quotes Carolyn Walsh on Senate Democrats’ Equifax Bill

October 4, 2017

The American Banker quoted Carolyn Walsh in a September 15 article titled “Senate Dems' Equifax Bill May Gain Surprising Bipartisan Support.” The article discusses the Senate Democrats' legislative bid to reform the credit reporting industry following the massive data breach at Equifax. The bill, which may have traction in the Republican-controlled Congress, would create a federal requirement for credit bureaus to offer free credit freezes to consumers affected by a data breach and prevent bureaus from selling consumer information while a freeze is in place.

Ms. Walsh says, "The bill … seems like a fairly rational, targeted response and something that could be done quickly.” She notes that both Republicans and Democrats have expressed outrage over the Equifax breach, which exposed the personal information of 143 million consumers.

The full article can be read at American Banker (subscription required).