Phoenix Business Journal Quotes Steve Wheeless on Political Speech at Work

October 5, 2017

The Phoenix Business Journal quoted Steve Wheeless in a September 29 article titled “Trying Not to Talk Politics,” which was published in conjunction with the annual survey on law firm employment practices. The article discusses the legal ramifications for political speech in the workplace, which vary by state and company. Law firm managing partners and those who practice employment law say hot button issues, such as a shift in political tone or views about sexual orientation, has resulted in heated rhetoric that now is finding its way into the workplace. Some believe this may be attributed to the political climate prior to and following the 2016 election.

Mr. Wheeless says that some states – but not Arizona – prohibit political-party affiliation and “lawful off-duty conduct” discrimination, which often give rise to a political-affiliation “hostile workplace” claim. He adds, “No law protects boorish, harassing behavior, and employers should take affirmative steps to ensure that political discussion in the workplace do not escalate to harassment.”

The full article can be read at Phoenix Business Journal (subscription required).