E&E News Quotes Cynthia Taub on Trump’s CEQ Pick

October 13, 2017

E&E News quoted Cynthia Taub in an October 13 article titled “Strong Reactions on Both Sides to Trump's CEQ Pick.” The article discusses President Trump’s nomination of a former Texas regulator, Kathleen Hartnett White, to lead the Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ). If confirmed by the Senate, Ms. Hartnett White would lead a short-handed White House office that's traditionally been seen as an environmental watchdog on Pennsylvania Avenue. According to the article, Ms. Harnett White has touted the benefits of carbon dioxide while being praised by the industry but derided by environmentalists.

Ms. Taub says that the nomination is a "game changer" for CEQ. While past administrations used the office to issue guidance and ensure agencies were implementing the National Environmental Policy Act, she says, the Trump administration is focused on streamlining reviews. "It seems Trump has a very different role in mind, and CEQ is being lined up as a streamlining agency to make sure permitting is happening more quickly. Maybe the idea is that CEQ will be pushing agencies to get things done quicker and not get bogged down in broader NEPA reviews."

The full article can be read at E&E News (subscription required).