Bloomberg Quotes Rob Kovacev on Tax-Free Repatriation Under House Tax Bill

November 7, 2017

Bloomberg Government quoted Rob Kovacev in a November 2 article titled “Tax-Free Repatriation Going Forward Under House Reform Bill.” The article discusses the House Ways and Means Committee’s tax bill and the sweeping overhaul of the US international tax system, creating a new territorial system that would allow companies to bring back overseas profits for free, going forward.

Mr. Kovacev says that the rate would be “a disappointment to many in the business community who were expecting a lower rate. The election to pay the repatriation amount over eight years softens the blow.” He notes that the testing date is as of today, so the window for converting cash to another type of asset has closed.

“The world is watching to see whether Congress can deliver on international reform,” Mr. Kovacev adds.

The full article can be read at Bloomberg Government (subscription required).