Law360 Quotes Lisa Zarlenga on Differences Between House, Senate Tax Bills

November 14, 2017

Law360 quoted Lisa Zarlenga in a November 13 article titled “Federal Deficit Looms Large In Congress’ Tax Cut Talks.” The article discusses the similarities and differences between the House and Senate tax bills, and four key policy areas affecting businesses where the two chambers differ widely.

Ms. Zarlenga, co-chair of Steptoe’s Tax Group, says that the corporate and pass-through rates, and other international and business tax provisions, could be resolved without too much ado, but that there could be more drama over the individual tax provisions. “That’s where the political battles are being fought — with the state and local tax deduction, mortgage interest deduction, charitable deductions and things like that. ... The things we and our clients care about the most aren’t as politically charged.”

The full article can be read at Law360 (subscription required).