E&E News Quotes Cynthia Taub on FERC, Pipelines and Climate Change

November 29, 2017

E&E News quoted Cynthia Taub in a November 21 article titled “FERC, Pipelines and Climate Change: Revolution in Progress?” The article discusses the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s (FERC) updates of an environmental review to tally greenhouse gas emissions from the Sabal Trail pipeline project, which would slice through Alabama, Georgia and Florida. Some FERC-watchers say the agency's work, while muted in the near term, could set the stage for more expansive climate reviews in the future should a greener administration win the White House.

While the Trump administration has already scrapped Obama-era federal guidance on how agencies should incorporate the effects of climate change into their reviews, Ms. Taub suggests that the White House may be wise to replace the language. She adds: "The courts will be the only guide until this administration issues its own guidance on how to consider GHGs under NEPA, and potentially new guidance on the social cost of carbon. If I were sitting at CEQ (Council on Environmental Quality) right now, I'd want to replace it rather than remain silent, because then you can help guide the discussion."

The full article can be read at E&E News (subscription required).