Global Investigations Review Quotes Tom Best on DOJ, Rolls-Royce Exec Plea

December 12, 2017

Global Investigations Review quoted Tom Best in a December 12 article titled “DOJ May Have Tailored Rolls-Royce Exec Plea in Light of Hoskins Case.” The article explains why the Department of Justice (DOJ) probably structured a plea deal with former Rolls-Royce executive James Finley to address jurisdictional concerns raised in a similar but separate foreign bribery case. The jurisdictional theory is the same used by the DOJ in a case against Laurence Hoskins, one of four executives charged with Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) violations in connection with an investigation into French transportation conglomerate Alstom SA.

Mr. Best says the DOJ understandably structured the facts in the Finley information sheet “to address Hoskins concerns.”

“Not only does Finley admit he was an agent of a domestic concern, meeting a key element of the anti-bribery offense, Finley also admits to conspiring to violate the FCPA while in the Southern District of Ohio. The fact that he was conspiring within the United States would also seem to directly address Hoskins concerns,” he adds.

The full article can be read at Global Investigations Review (subscription required).