Reuters Quotes Jonathan Raynes on Possible Legal Action After Grenfell Fire

December 13, 2017

Reuters quoted Jonathan Raynes in a December 13 article titled “Exclusive - After Grenfell Fire, Same Builders Rehired to Replace Dangerous Cladding, Reuters Rinds.” The article explains how some building companies that installed dangerous cladding on social housing blocks across Britain are now winning new contracts following the Grenfell Tower blaze to remove their original work and install panels that can pass safety tests. The safety of high-rise buildings has come under scrutiny in London since the Grenfell disaster in June which killed 71 people.

Mr. Raynes says that councils or housing associations who paid contractors for cladding that turned out to be non-compliant could sue the contractor for the cost of replacing the cladding. “The contract will almost certainly have a provision that says the contractor must build in accordance with statutory requirements.” He adds that if the contract didn’t say this, a requirement to act legally could be deemed implicit.

The full article can be read at Reuters.