Steptoe Hosts Roundtable Debate on EU Court of Justice’s Coty Judgment

December 7, 2017

On December 7, Steptoe’s EU Competition team in Brussels hosted a video live streamed debate on the implications of the EU Court of Justice’s Coty judgment on the future of online sales of luxury and branded goods in Europe. Steptoe partners Yves Botteman and Jean-Nicolas Maillard moderated the panel, which was split between brand owners and platform representatives. The panelists included eBay’s Stefan Krawczyk, the Computer and Communications Industry Association’s (CCIA) Jakob Kucharczyk, Cosmetics Europe’s Emma Trogen, and Julie Boursin, a lawyer for France’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In the debate, the brand owners welcomed the outcome of the case, while the platform representatives raised concerns about the practical implications of the judgment. The debate underlined some key issues that may have been overlooked by the Court of Justice.

Please click here to watch a video of the debate or click here to read a full analysis.