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Law360 Quotes Mike Mutek on DOD’s Acquisition Panel Report

February 8, 2018

Law360 quoted Mike Mutek in a February 7 article titled “Attorneys Cautiously Optimistic After Acquisition Report.” The article discusses the January 31 report from the Section 809 panel that includes a number of proposed reforms to the Department of Defense’s (DOD) acquisition process.

Mr. Mutek says that a noteworthy element of the report was the panel calling out the DOD for focusing on dollar amounts and overall numbers of contracts when looking at whether it’s sufficiently using small businesses, without looking toward at the bigger picture, such as what sort of innovation small businesses can bring to the department. “The panel threw some cold water on all of us in noting that it is easier and less risky to meet contracting goals by acquiring basic commodities and services than it is to conduct market research and find new, innovative small businesses to work with in order to support other mission needs,” he says.

The full article can be read at Law360 (subscription required).