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Le Temps Interviews Alexis Lautenberg on EU Foreign Ministers' Swiss Relationship Report

December 15, 2010

Swiss newspaper Le Temps featured an interview with Alexis Lautenberg, Senior Policy Advisor in Steptoe's Brussels office, in a December 15 article discussing a recent report on EU/Swiss relations. EU Foreign Ministers raised concern with, among other points, the current system of EU-Swiss bilateral agreements and Switzerland's cantonal tax systems. 

Mr. Lautenberg, who was Swiss Ambassador to the EU from 1993 to 1999, emphasized that this report represents the EU perception of its relations with Switzerland. Calling for a sober reading of the text, he expressed the hope that, in spite of the institutional complexities characterizing their cooperation, both sides continue to operate without losing sight of the intensity of relations between Switzerland and the EU at all levels.    Please click here to read the article (in French, subscription required).