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“Understanding Interactions Between Food, Packaging and Additives and Related Regulatory Developments,” Food Contact and Additives 2013 Conference

September 25, 2013

On September 25, Steptoe’s food practice will partner with Smithers Pira to host the Food Contact and Additives 2013 Conference in Washington, DC.  Mitchell Cheeseman, Ralph Simmons and Craig Simpson will serve as food safety legal experts at the pre-conference seminar.  This half day workshop will provide delegates with a focused US/EU 101 session on regulatory interpretation and compliance.  Following the pre-conference seminar, Dr. Cheeseman, co-chair of the event, will provide opening remarks at the general session while Mr. Simmons will deliver a presentation titled “Review of GRAS in Relation to Food Ingredients and Food Packaging.”  

Ying Huang from Steptoe’s Beijing office will also be participating at the conference.  Ms. Huang will deliver a presentation with Ms. Wang Yong Fang of the China National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment on the evaluation of new food contact substances in China.

On September 26, Dr. Cheeseman will present “A Comparison of Food Contact Review Systems Across the Globe,” while Barry Podd will deliver a presentation titled “EU Compliance for Paper and Board - Including BfR, Warenwet, Italy, Other of National Laws and the Industry Guideline.”