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Association of Oil Pipe Lines’ 2013 Annual Business Conference

September 2013
Newport Beach, California

On September 18-20, Steptoe partners Steve Brose, Steve Reed, Daniel Poynor and Biz Scott will speak at the Association of Oil Pipe Lines’ 2013 Annual Business Conference  in Newport Beach, California.  Attendees will learn how to identify recent changes and current issues in the industry, including ratemaking and tariff matters, federal regulatory developments, environmental and siting issues surrounding infrastructure expansion, and safety regulation. 

At the conference, Mr. Brose will present “FERC Hearings and Settlements: Soup to Nuts.”  This presentation will explore what happens at a FERC hearing, how to prepare for one, ways to maximize pipeline companies’ chances of a satisfactory outcome, and mechanisms for settling before, during and after the hearing.  At another session, Mr. Brose will discuss “Tariff Design and Profitability in a Regulatory Environment,” which will focus on ways to maximize profit under the Interstate Commerce Act and FERC’s tariff regulations.  Mr. Reed will review key highlights of the development of federal regulation of oil pipelines during his presentation titled “History of Oil Pipeline Regulation.”  He will also examine significant issues in recent FERC decisions during a discussion titled “FERC Decisions Update.” 

Daniel Poynor’s presentation, “Regulatory Basics for Oil Pipelines” will give an overview of FERC regulation and the legal requirements for oil pipelines that operate as common carriers under the Interstate Commerce Act.  In another session, “FERC Jurisdictional Jeopardy,” Mr. Poynor will examine the legal and factual considerations that determine whether a pipeline is regulated by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission as an interstate common carrier oil pipeline.   Biz Scott will discuss the latest influences driving policy and enforcement during a session titled “What’s New With Your Regulator?  Rulemakings – New Regulations to Watch for and Changes to Expect Enforcement – Targets, Trends, Tactics and … Terror?”

Steptoe will also be hosting an evening reception on September 19.