“Critical Issues: Enforcement, Arbitration, Terrorism,” The Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act at Forty: US and International Perspectives

April 25, 2016
Georgetown University Law Center

On April 25, the Georgetown University Law Center will present an all-day program called “The Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act at Forty:  US and International Perspectives.”  Steptoe partner Steve Davidson will speak on a panel titled “Critical Issues:  Enforcement, Arbitration, Terrorism” that will be moderated by the Hon. Paul Friedman.  Former Steptoe partner Monroe Leigh will also be honored at a luncheon for his leadership role in helping to secure passage of the FSIA in 1975.  Mr.  Leigh was held in the highest esteem by the elite international law community that will participate in the program, for his scholarship as well as his role as Legal Adviser to Secretary of State Kissinger and president of the American Society of International Law.