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Adopting an All Sums or Pro Rata Approach Mock Oral Argument on Summary Judgment Motion

Mealey's All Sums: Reallocation & Settlement Credits Conference
November 7, 2006
Boston, MA

On November 7, 2006, Jim Rocap is taking the part of the carrier in a mock oral argument at Mealey's All Sums: Reallocation & Settlement Credits Conference.

Mr. Rocap, a leading coverage attorney, is participating in a cross summary judgment argument before a sitting trial court judge on whether the court, in a case of first impression, should adopt an "all-sums" or "pro-rata" approach in an asbestos coverage lawsuit. The case involves progressive, latent bodily injury occurring over decades, with some years in which the policyholder is uninsured and other years in which it has significant layers of excess cover.