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The Global Reach of GDPR: (Part I) The Long Arm of the New EU Data Protection Jurisdiction
A Steptoe-sponsored webinar
December 6, 2017
Election Cybersecurity: How Bad Is It and What Can We Do About It?
A Steptoe-sponsored event
November 7, 2017
Cyberspace: On the Frontier of International Law, Security, and Diplomacy; Temple International & Comparative Law Journal Annual Symposium
October 17, 2017
Carnegie Cyber Workshop: Next Steps for Cybersecurity and Financial Stability, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
Washington, DC
August 24, 2017
International Law and the Trump Administration: Strengthening Cybersecurity, American Society of International Law
Washington, DC
July 19, 2017
The Association of Banks in Singapore
July 5, 2017
World Economic Forum Annual Meeting of the New Champions
Dalian, China
June 2017
Cyber Security: Global, Regional, and National Context; Jeju Forum for Peace & Prosperity 2017
Seogwipo, South Korea
May 31, 2017
‘Data Privacy and Cybersecurity: A New Legal and Enforcement Landscape,’ University of Chicago Law School
April 21, 2016
"War in the 21st Century: Cyberterrorism, Cybersecurity, and the Law of War," Penn State Law
April 15, 2016
"Security vs. Security: In Defense Of Government Access to Data,"
March 16, 2016
“Detecting & Preventing Security Breaches: The Application of Emerging Technologies,” Skytop Strategies
March 16, 2016
“Cryptowars 2.0: Silicon Valley vs Washington,” SXSW
March 14, 2016
“Apple vs. FBI and the Cybersecurity Implications of the Encryption Controversy”
March 9, 2016
“The View from Washington with Jim Lewis and Stewart Baker,” RSA Conference
March 3, 2016
Emerging Cyber Attack Trends and Technical and Legal Remedies
A Steptoe and Kroll sponsored event
February 24, 2016
“What Executives Need to Know about Cyber Risks”
February 24, 2016
“Triple Entente Beer Summit,” Lawfare
February 18, 2016
Pivoting from Attribution to Retribution: The New Deterrence, Black Hat Executive Summit
December 8, 2015
"Cybercrime," Cyber 3 Conference
November 8, 2015
“Cross-Border Data Flows: Bringing Bad Actors to Justice,” Atlantic Council
October 22, 2015
“Cross-Border Data Flows: Bringing Bad Actors to Justice.” Atlantic Council
October 22, 2015
“’Going Dark’ versus ‘Breaking the Internet’,” RWU Law
October 16, 2015
“Cybersecurity 2015: Managing the Risk,” PLI
September 25, 2015
“Unprecedented Transparency? Law Enforcement on the Blockchain,” Consensus
September 10, 2015
Digitizing Financial Services in Europe: Managing Risks, Maximizing Benefits
June 25, 2015
“Cybersecurity Roundtable,” NYU Center on Law and Security
June 25, 2015
“Bitcoin: A Toolkit for Policymakers,” Congressional Lunch Briefing
June 12, 2015
“Protecting Information Assets in the Face of More Vexing Cyber Attacks,” Stanford Law School
June 8, 2015
Speaker, Blockchain Summit
May 25, 2015
“Triple Entente Beer Summit,” Lawfare
May 7, 2015
Data Localization in China, AmChamChina Policy Spotlight, Beijing
Beijing, China
April 14, 2015
“NSA Surveillance: Listening In,” American College of Trial Lawyers
February 27, 2015
Data Privacy Issues, AmCham China Compliance Spotlight
Beijing, China
November 24, 2014
Keynote Speaker, CityNationalBank: Cyberespionage: Who Wants Your Data? And What Can You Do About It?
November 13, 2014
"The NSA Surveillance Program – A Necessary Evil or Government Gone too Far?” Zittrain Forums on Law & Public Policy
November 6, 2014
“Is There A Right to Privacy?” Web Summit
November 4, 2014
“Data Breach Legal, Legislative, and Regulatory Compliance,” Senior Executive Cybersecurity Conference
October 31, 2014
{ Audio Image } Car-Hacked! Legal Liabilities From Vehicle Cyberattacks and Other Technology Upgrades
(A Steptoe-sponsored event)
October 21, 2014
“Cyber Risks in the Claims Arena,” International Claim Association’s Annual Education Conference
September 22, 2014
“Cybersecurity and the Private Sector,” The Law of Cybersecurity: A Multidisciplinary Perspective
September 19, 2014
“Bitcoin—Virtual Currency, Real Risks,” Privacy Academy and CSA Congress
September 18, 2014
Speaker, "Making the Legal System Compatible with the Cloud-Driven World"
July 29, 2014
Speaker, "Hot Topics and Trends in Privacy and Security Litigation"
PLI’s 15th Annual Privacy and Data Security Law Institute
June 17, 2014
Moderator, “Attorney General Perspectives,” NetDiligence Cyber Risk & Privacy Liability Forum
June 12, 2014
Panelist, CSIS Strategic Technologies Program
June 9, 2014
Speaker, 2014 Computers, Freedom, and Privacy Conference
June 9, 2014
Moderator, “The Evolving Cybersecurity Environment: An Operations and Technology Perspective," ICI Operations and Technology Conference
May 22, 2014
Speaker, “Privacy and Security in the Age of NSA and Snowden”
May 16, 2014
Speaker, “The Regulatory Landscape: How Changes Will Affect Your Security Program," SANS Security Leadership Summit
April 30, 2014
Panelist, “What to Do When Your Data or Systems Are Compromised," Dow Jones Compliance Symposium
April 23, 2014
Panelist, “The Data Breach Nightmare – Minimizing the Litigation Exposure,” HITRUST Alliance
April 22, 2014
Panelist, “Vigilantism or Self-Defense? The Implications of Hacking Back,” Georgetown University Law Center
March 26, 2014
{ Audio Image } The Data Breach Nightmare – How to Reduce Your Risk and Your Litigation Exposure in Today's "Blame the Victim" Environment
(A Steptoe-sponsored event)
February 26, 2014
“Advanced Persistent Threats: Challenges & Solutions”
Law Seminars International's Cybersecurity Law and Strategies Conference
January 27, 2014
{ Audio Image } Cybersecurity for Government Contractors: Threats, Regulatory Developments, and International Compliance Consequences
(A Steptoe-sponsored Event)
January 22, 2014
Democracy Alliance Debate
November 14, 2013
Arizona State University Town Hall Debate
Arizona State University School of Social and Behavioral Sciences
October 22, 2013
“The Growing Threat: State-and Private—Sponsored Cyber—Espionage and Trade Secret Theft Growing,” International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition Fall Conference
October 18, 2013
“Anatomy of a Data Breach from the Attorneys General Perspective,” HB Litigation Conferences NetDiligence ® Cyber Risk & Privacy Liability Forum
Marina del Rey, CA
October 10, 2013
"Cyber Crime: How to protect your Firm and Personal Information"
October 2, 2013
{ Audio Image } The USA PATRIOT Act and Cloud Security: Busting the European FUD
(A Steptoe-sponsored Event)
September 19, 2013
Workshop, Harvard Law School
September 10, 2013
Congressional Internet Caucus Briefing, “Privacy, the NSA, and Your Constituents’ Phone and Internet Records: An Experts’ Primer on the Law, the Technology and the History”
Rayburn House Office Building, Washington, DC
June 21, 2013
Food Marketing Institute Legal Conference, "Cloud Computing and Data Security"
San Francisco, CA
June 10, 2013
"Technology, Counterfeiting & Piracy: Understanding the Problem and Its Impact"
Attorneys General Education Program (AGEP) Public Policy Conference on Counterfeiting & Piracy
Groton, CT
May 8, 2013
The Cybersecurity Threat and Our Changing National Security Landscape
May 7, 2013
Legislative and Regulatory Trends in US Privacy and Security Law
June 18, 2012
United States-China Relations
March 20, 2012
Keynote Speaker, 3rd Cloud Computing World Forum
June 21, 2011
Stewart Baker and Michael Vatis to Present at WMACCA’s Global Issues Forum on the Perils of Taking Information Technology Global
May 3, 2011
Michael Vatis Participates in Panel at Fordham's ILJ Symposium, Cyber Attacks: International Cybersecurity in the 21st Century
New York
February 25, 2011
Maury Shenk Speaks on Security-Related Legal Issues for Internet Telephony
April 30, 2007
Maury Shenk Discusses Identity Management on Infosecurity Europe 2007 Panel
April 24, 2007
Michael Vatis on US Chamber of Commerce Panel "Minding Your Business: The Future of Privacy"
Washington, DC
December 5, 2006

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