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"Full Stream Ahead Focus: What are the Challenges and Opportunities for Digital Media in the New Administration?" INCOMPAS Policy Summit
February 15, 2017
Open Internet Program
A Steptoe-sponsored event
Menlo Park, CA
February 7, 2017
Rethinking The Future of Communications Policy
13th Annual State of the Net Conference
January 23, 2017
Broadband and Cable Industry Law 2016, PLI
April 11, 2016
“The Disruptors, Innovators and Investors Panel,” INCOMPASS Policy Summit
February 10, 2016
Future of Broadband Competition Conference, The Capitol Forum
December 17, 2015
“Net Neutrality: Past, Present, and Future,” NAPABA
November 7, 2015
COMPTEL PLUS Fall 2015 Business Expo
October 20, 2015
“Entertainment & Sports Law Annual Meeting,” ABA
October 9, 2015
“Workshop on the Economic and Social Benefits of an Open Internet ,” OECD
September 30, 2015
“Voluntary Initiatives Addressing Copyright Infringement in the Online Environment,” USPTO
September 17, 2015
“FCC Boot Camp,” ACI
June 23, 2015
Speaker, “Geo-Location Issues for Mobile Gaming,” LSI
May 5, 2015
“Open Internet Regulation: Title II Much?,” ACA
March 4, 2015
“Pending Mergers: Outlook and Implications?,” COMPTEL
February 24, 2015
"What’s Next for Net Neutrality?" PLI’s Broadband and Cable Industry Law 2015
January 26, 2015
IIC Annual Telecom & Media Forum
December 2, 2014
“Title VI – Cable Services,” CTIC
October 1, 2014
Panelist, Carnegie Mellon University Washington Speaker Series
September 4, 2014
Speaker, “The Regulatory Landscape: How Changes Will Affect Your Security Program," SANS Security Leadership Summit
April 30, 2014
"Current Issues Arising Under the Existing Federal Regulatory Structure for Online Gambling and the Unique Provisions for Tribal Operations"
Law Seminars International
April 3, 2014
Panelist, “Wireless Spectrum,” Silicon Flatirons Center
April 3, 2014
{ Audio Image } The False Rumors of Net Neutrality’s Death; The Aftermath of Verizon v. FCC
(A Steptoe-sponsored Event)
February 6, 2014
"How Do New Video Entrants Fit Into Today’s Regulatory Scheme?"
January 27, 2014
“DC Circuit Decision on FCC Open Internet Rules: Net Neutrality Win or Loss?”
Congressional Internet Caucus Advisory Committee
January 17, 2014
Markham Erickson Testifies at the US Patent and Trademark Office and National Telecommunications and Information Administration Public Meeting
December 12, 2013
Debrief After Net Neutrality Appellate Arguments
Washington, DC
September 9, 2013
“The Open Internet Order After Two Years: Where Do We Stand? What Will Change at the FCC Bring? And What Has Been the Impact?”
FCBA CLE Program
Washington, DC
May 2, 2013
Steptoe Hosts ISPA Legal Forum on Next Generation Access
(A Steptoe-Sponsored Event)
June 27, 2007

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