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"Asbestos Insurance Litigation," HB Litigation Conferences’ Audiocast
August 10, 2011
Adopting an All Sums or Pro Rata Approach Mock Oral Argument on Summary Judgment Motion
Mealey's All Sums: Reallocation & Settlement Credits Conference
Boston, MA
November 7, 2006
Allocation, Mealey’s Asbestos Insurance Conference, Chicago
June 28, 2005
Allocation Models – How Are They Similar and/or Different When You Are in Bankruptcy? Mealey’s Insurance Allocation Conference, Naples, FL
November 17, 2003
Issues Facing Insurers in the Asbestos Bankruptcy Context, Mealey's National and International Asbestos Litigation Conference
September 2003
Practical Application of Classic Toxic Tort Insurance Principles: Compare and Contrast Mold and Asbestos Claims, Mealey’s Asbestos & Mold Insurance Conference, Philadelphia, PA
April 18, 2002
Where Mass Torts and Insurance Collide, Mass Tort Litigation Institute, Chicago, IL
April 24, 2001
The Number of “Occurrences” – Ways To Avoid Result Oriented Rulings, ECMA Spring 1999 Seminar, Orlando, FL
April 22, 1999

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