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The Day After Coty: Implications for Online Distribution of Brands in Europe
A Steptoe-sponsored event
December 7, 2017
The Global Reach of GDPR: (Part I) The Long Arm of the New EU Data Protection Jurisdiction
A Steptoe-sponsored webinar
December 6, 2017
Does Competition Law Need an Update for Online Markets?
Computer & Communications Industry Association and Lexxion
November 30, 2017
Criminal Enforcement Against Employee No-Poaching Agreements
A Steptoe-sponsored event
November 1, 2017
Anticompetitive Practices in the Online World: Hot Issues
Academy of European Law Workshop
October 26, 2017
EU Competition Webinar Series (Part IV): Most Favored Nation Clauses – Is It the End of the Road?
A Steptoe-sponsored webinar in partnership with Oxera
October 25, 2017
EU Competition Webinar Series (Part III): Staying Clear of Online Pricing Pitfalls
A Steptoe-sponsored webinar
September 20, 2017
Global Competition Law Seminar: International Management of Antitrust Risks for Japanese Companies
A Steptoe and Iwata Godo sponsored event
Tokyo, Japan
September 15, 2017
EU Competition Webinar Series (Part II): Keeping Distributors in Check in the Online Space
A Steptoe-sponsored event
June 29, 2017
What’s Past is Prologue: How Yesterday’s Mergers Shape Today’s Merger Enforcement
2017 American Antitrust Institute's Annual Conference
June 21, 2017
REACH 2018: Navigate Data Sharing Negotiations Successfully
A Steptoe-sponsored event
June 14, 2017
EU Competition Webinar Series (Part I): Achieving A Successful Product Launch
A Steptoe-sponsored webinar
May 23, 2017
Steptoe Reception During ABA's 2017 Spring Meeting
A Steptoe-sponsored Event
March 30, 2017
Merger Enforcement in the Trump Administration: Navigating Antitrust and CFIUS Clearance in a Time of Uncertainty
A Steptoe-sponsored Event
March 22, 2017
Annual Antitrust, Competition and Trade Practice Group Meeting, Lex Mundi
September 16, 2016
Latest Trends in US and EU Antitrust Enforcement
A Steptoe-sponsored event
April 28, 2016
Antitrust for Insurers and Reinsurers - Staying Clear of Competition Law Pitfalls
A Steptoe-sponsored event
February 24, 2016
“Regulators’ Perspective,” IBC Legal’s Advanced EU Competition Law
February 9, 2016
"Compliance: Are Antitrust Enforcement Agencies Missing the Mark?” Annual Global Competition Review Law Leaders Forum
February 6, 2016
Hub-and-Spoke Arrangements
11th Annual Conference of the College of Europe's Global Competition Law Center
February 1, 2016
Latest Trends in US and EU Antitrust Enforcement
A Steptoe-sponsored event
January 21, 2016
“The 2d Cir.’s Apple E-Books Decision: Debating the Merits and the Meaning," ABA Section of Antitrust Law
July 16, 2015
Application of the European Commission's Guidance Documents in the Member States by National Competition Authorities and National Courts
June 20, 2015
A Live Seminar in Tokyo: Practical Strategies to Defend Cartel Investigations
(A Steptoe and Iwata Godo co-sponsored Event)
April 8, 2015
“Protecting Your Client in an Era of Global Enforcement,” 2015 Asia Forum - Tokyo
March 3, 2015
Restrictions of Competition by Object After Groupement des Cartes Bancaires: What's New?
December 11, 2014
The European Association of Chemical Distributors’ International Trade Committee Meeting
November 13, 2014
New Developments on Antitrust Investigations and Class Actions, Korea International Trade Association Seminar
Washington, DC
November 7, 2014
“Access to Leniency Documents and Follow-On Private Damages Actions,” 20th International Program on Protection of Competition
October 30, 2014
“US Antitrust Presentation to Shanghai Municipal Development and Reform Commission (DRC),” California State University, Long Beach
October 22, 2014
“Cartels and Abuse of Dominance: Leniency, Damages and Settlements in Emerging Markets,” 2014 Lex Mundi Summit
May 16, 2014
The Use of Commitment Decisions in Unilateral Conduct Cases
International Competition Network
March 13, 2014
Premier Cercle Competition Summit
December 6, 2013
“Multiple Enforcers: Global Anti-Corruption and Anti-Cartel Challenges for Compliance, Risk Management, and Crisis Handling,” ABA International Fall Meeting
October 17, 2013
“Competition Law in a Commercial Context,” Judicial Institute in Colombo, Sri Lanka
October 4, 2013
“Is My Information Safe? The Disclosure of Confidential Information in Competition Cases,” 2013 Annual Competition Fall Conference
October 3, 2013
“Update on Anti-Trust Development in China,” Counsel-to-Counsel Asia Exchange
September 26, 2013
“Private Antitrust Litigation in the EU,” Commercial Risk Europe Seminar
September 18, 2013
Managing Global Cartel Investigations and Litigation: How to Manage the Costs and Risks to Your Company
(A Steptoe-sponsored Event)
April 25, 2013
Competition Law Risk and Managing Employees in the US, EU, and Canada: Guidelines, Pitfalls, and Challenges
(A Steptoe-sponsored Event)
April 24, 2013
“Exelon: Enforcing Consent Decrees Through Civil Contempt Claims,” ABA Section of Antitrust Law Webinar
February 8, 2013
{ Audio Image } Oil and Gas JVs and Other Agreements: Anti-corruption and Antitrust Compliance
(A Steptoe-Sponsored Event)
February 7, 2013
Global Antitrust and Anti-Corruption (FCPA, Anti-bribery Act) Enforcement Trends in the New Administration and Effective Response Strategies
(A Steptoe-Sponsored Event)
Seoul, Korea
January 18, 2013
“The Impact of EU Competition Law on Intellectual Property Licenses”
November 12, 2012
“Mitigating Joint Venture Antitrust Risk: Putting the Law Into Practice,” Stafford, Webinar
September 2012
"2011 Year-End Review of FTAIA Cases: Is the Pendulum Swinging Back Toward Plaintiffs?” ABA, Antitrust Section Civil Practice & Procedure, Trial Practice and International Committees
January 27, 2012
Not So Quiet on the Eastern Front: Emerging Antitrust Regimes in Asia
November 17, 2011
Ken Ewing to Present at the Academy of WTO Law and Policy at Georgetown Law Center's Institute of International Economic Law
Washington, DC
November 11, 2011
Mock Trial, ABA, Antitrust Section Spring Meeting, 2010, 2011, and 2012
Presented by Trial Practice Committee
Jose Gonzalez-Magaz Presents in Cartagena de Indias Regarding the Leniency Program of the US Department of Justice, Antitrust Division
Indias, Colombia
December 2, 2010
Jose Gonzalez-Magaz Presents at the IBRAC Conference in Brazil Regarding the US Approach to Unilateral Anticompetitive Conduct
Guarujá, Brazil
November 27, 2010
Jose Gonzalez–Magaz Presents on the Noerr Pennington Antitrust Doctrine
Sao Paulo, Brazil
August 2, 2010
Regulatory Webinar: China's Antimonopoly Law
(A Steptoe-Sponsored Event)
10:00 a.m. EDT / 10:00 p.m. Beijing
July 29, 2010
Antitrust and Administrative Law: The Pros and Cons of Antitrust Enforcement by the FTC
Summer 2010
Panel Discussion, "US Antitrust Law and Global Claims: Navigating the Foreign Trade Antitrust Improvement Act," ABA, Antitrust Section Spring Meeting
The Supreme Court Rediscovers Antitrust: Understanding Recent Decisions
Fall 2007
Guest Lecturer, "Antitrust for Managers," Law for Business Managers, University of Maryland MBA Program
Panel Discussion, "Drafting Dispute Resolution Clauses that Work: One Litigator's Perspective," ABA, Business Law Section (Dispute Resolution Committee), Spring Meeting
Panel Discussion, "Overlapping Jurisdiction over Economic Regulation of Freight: Are More Changes Ahead?," ABA, Antitrust Section (Transportation Committee) Spring Meeting
Guest Lecturer, "Litigation: Working with Outside Counsel," Law for Business Managers, University of Maryland MBA Program
Unresolved Questions at the Heart of the Noerr-Pennington Doctrine
Spring 2004

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