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We believe that we have the world’s leading encryption regulation practice. We have extensive experience in encryption export and import licensing matters in the United States, France, China, Russia, Hong Kong, and other countries. 

Our web-based Country-by-Country Guide to Encryption Regulations is the leading resource on global encryption import, use and export controls, covering approximately 100 countries. We also counsel both developers and users of encryption products on global licensing and distribution strategies.

We also have one of the broadest and most sophisticated public key infrastructure (PKI) practices of any law firm, and are among a very small number of law firms worldwide that regularly practice in this area. 

We have advised clients on developing and implementing industry PKIs in the insurance, mortgage finance, healthcare, financial services, and natural resources industries. We have advised many clients on developing and implementing enterprise PKI solutions and other secure business solutions that incorporate PKI technology. 

We represent both commercial users of PKI technology and vendors of PKI technology solutions.