Government Affairs & Public Policy

The members of Steptoe's Government Affairs & Public Policy section work on behalf of clients as an integrated, multidisciplinary team of both technical and strategic professionals.  Headquartered in the nation's capital, Steptoe provides the counsel that businesses need to navigate the challenges posed by the interplay of laws, public policy, regulation, competition, and economic trends across the fields regulated by the federal government, state and local jurisdictions, the European Union, and other international jurisdictions.

Steptoe has a balanced, bipartisan, and broadly based government affairs practice.  Our professionals have decades of experience working in and with the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government.  We are uniquely qualified to ensure that our clients receive the best substantive and political resources in working to promote and defend their public policy interests.

The three core hallmarks of our government affairs practice - substantive depth, strong relationships, and an integrated approach - are what set us apart from any other firm.

Substantive Depth.  In many ways Steptoe approaches legislative advocacy like a trial: we immerse ourselves in the minutiae of the matter at hand, prepare the case, and then argue that case in halls, offices, and committee rooms on Capitol Hill and the executive branch.  What makes us different is the way we incorporate a broad understanding of the substantive technical issues pertaining to our clients' interests with an intimate insight into complex legislative and regulatory processes.  Our methodology makes our firm a strong and effective representative of clients' interests before all levels of government.

Strong Relationships.  Over many years of participation in the political process, the members of our team have developed deep relationships with individuals at all levels of the legislative and executive branches of the federal government.  We pride ourselves on retaining our client relationships over the long term as well, allowing us to better understand their business goals.  Our clients benefit when we are positioned to foresee potential legislative threats and take advantage of potential legislative opportunities ahead of the crowd.  Members of Congress and their staff identify us with our clients and when pertinent issues arise, involve us at the outset.

Integrated Approach.  Steptoe includes in its partnership widely recognized leaders in many legal fields.  Our government affairs team uses the experience and acumen of more than 500 lawyers every day - lawyers that are experienced in virtually all matters affecting businesses or trade associations that might come before a legislative or regulatory body. We are dedicated to taking an integrated approach to our government relations work.  Our team spearheads our clients' strategic planning, legislative, and communications efforts, working to develop an integrated record that supports their goals.  Steptoe includes lawyers who are litigators and legislative advocates, as well as professionals who have considerable personal experience with the legislative and executive branches.  These varied perspectives and resources within the firm ensure that the legal, political, and practical facets of a client's issues are carefully considered and balanced against one another.

We counsel clients on the full spectrum of legal and public policy matters, from strategic campaigns (including public relations), to regulatory efforts, overall legislative affairs management, and advising on specific initiatives.  Steptoe offers particular experience in the following areas:

We provide clients with the depth and breadth required to manage and solve their challenges within their markets and industry.  Our clients retain us because they know they will acquire a dedicated team of seasoned lawyers and professionals who have experience and insight into their specific issues.

Policymakers at all levels hold us in high regard as an effective, ethical, and professional advocacy group.  While we work aggressively to accomplish a client's objectives, we also have a strict commitment to the letter and spirit of all applicable ethics laws.  Our clients know that we fully comprehend the legal and ethical considerations that govern the business of legislative and regulatory advocacy.