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Patent Transactions and Strategic Counseling

Steptoe’s registered patent attorneys assist companies in establishing IP programs that harness developments in a way that manages intellectual property as an asset in an economically and competitively viable manner while facilitating protection of ideas generated from individuals and strategic initiatives.  As a result, we routinely guide clients through all phases of patent and technology protection, including:

  • Counseling
  • Strategic portfolio building
  • Conducting due diligence investigations
  • Executing clearance and freedom to operate studies
  • Formulating defensive and offensive patent strategies, including litigation
  • Conducting patent audits and portfolio assessments
  • Providing validity and infringement opinions

Our patent lawyers work closely with clients to develop targeted patent programs designed to capture innovation and provide a competitive advantage under the patent statutes.  Specifically, we regularly work with clients to create an intellectual property asset-driven culture.  Typical programs capture the intellectual property created from new business, product, and manufacturing ideas with the help of the company's executives, development teams, in-house and outside counsel.  A key component of a successful program includes engaging employees likely to create patentable ideas and educating them to identify possible innovations, and creating incentives for them to disclose these innovations to the program manager in a way that allows in-house and outside counsel to evaluate them for patentability.  Patent applications are prepared to capture those ideas identified as patentable and the patent applications are prosecuted to issuance abroad.  Program development can also include strategic evaluation of the patent landscape.  Patents having both domestically and varying scope are sought to provide the company with an optimal patent portfolio. Our clients are leaders across a variety of industries including pharmaceuticals and biotechnology; chemistry; materials science; electronics and software; chemistry; nanotechnology; and medical devices.