Trademark Enforcement

Trademark enforcement is critical as a company’s market share can be lost when customers cannot distinguish its mark from those of the competition.  A tailored enforcement strategy is essential to maintaining the success of a brand.  Steptoe attorneys aggressively, yet efficiently, enforce clients’ trademark rights through a variety of means, beginning with the development of a comprehensive and strategic enforcement policy. We then work to stop infringers as quickly and efficiently as possible, and can escalate matters to trademark office proceedings and litigation, when necessary.  We regularly counsel clients about enforcement strategies, both proactive and defensive, for trademarks, trade dress, and the broader issues of unfair competition, including issues of false advertising, counterfeit and gray market goods, and antitrust. 

Third parties can infringe upon a company’s mark attempting to register identical or similar marks with a trademark office, or by using identical or similar marks in the marketplace – including online. Enforcement of a mark is critical – if a company tolerates use of its trademarks by others, the company can lose its rights to the trademark altogether. Steptoe attorneys have stopped hundreds of third parties around the world from registering and/or using trademarks that are similar to our clients’ trademarks. We will assist in designing a unique enforcement strategy and then following a basic six-step method, take action against third parties. We work with our clients to determine the enforcement priorities appropriate to the importance of each brand.